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What you need to know about buyer's agents and.....


Q. Why would I choose an Exclusive Buyer's brokerage over a traditional Real Estate brokerage that also sells homes?

A.  If you are buying a home, enlist the services of a specialist that represents home buyers only. Exclusive Buyer's Agents work for an office that never sells homes. By choosing to work with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, you will be avoiding all potential conflicts of interest commonly found at traditional Real Estate offices.

Most agents in a traditional Real Estate office focus their time as a listing agent. Their main source of income is selling homes. When you contact them about buying a home, which homes do you think they would like to sell you first? Even if they assign you a "buyer" agent, they also list homes for sale and they still work for an office that sells homes which could lead to a conflict of interest. Who is really representing your best interests here? Their entire office is structured to sell homes to buyers.

When you buy a home from the listing agent, you have NO representation. They represent the SELLER. It is their job to get the SELLER the highest price and the most favorable terms. They owe their fiduciary duties to the SELLER. They are REQUIRED to tell the seller anything that would benefit them in the negotiation process, including the highest price you are willing to pay. Sometimes you will be assigned a "buyer" agent to "represent" you. Guess who the "buyer" agent works for?

Only Real Estate agents that work with a brokerage that does not list homes can truly be called an EXCLUSIVE BUYER'S AGENT.

Working with a true EXCLUSIVE BUYER'S AGENT ensures that the buyer will always be protected. Working with a true EXCLUSIVE BUYER'S AGENT will ensure that your confidential information is never shared with the seller or their agent since we never have any in-house listings. Working with an EXCLUSIVE BUYER'S AGENT gives you the specialized service you deserve.

We Point Out Potential Problems, Not Cover Them Up


Over the years, we have learned how to "pre-inspect" homes for our clients. Our agents have successfully completed a Real Estate Inspection Course and have many years of "hands on" experience being involved in the home inspection process. It is easy to notice obvious problems like cracks in the wall and missing shingles. However, it takes an expert to determine potentially expensive problems that would normally go unseen. We provide a visual inspection and our expert opinion on all of the homes we visit. Our pre-inspections are for informational purposes only and are intended only to educate our home buying clients. A third party inspection is always recommended.


And…yes we do climb in the attic with a flashlight.

How many other “buyer” agents do that?


houston buyers agent James Potenza inspection

Article on the front page of the Friendswood Journal Dec 2010


Here are a few of the things we visually inspect in every home we visit as we educate our home buying clients.



Cracks in the slab, cracks in the brick/mortar, cracks in sheetrock, previous foundation repairs


Air Conditioning and Heating

Condition and approximate age of the evaporator coil, condenser, and heater. Opinion of the overall efficiency and quality


Roof and Shingles

 Visual inspection of the shingles, rafters, and decking in the attic



Water heater, water supply and fixtures, water leaks and drains



Service amperage, branch circuits, fixtures



Approximate age and condition of kitchen and bathroom appliances


Doors and Windows

Estimate of overall efficiency and operation


We also provide an energy efficiency estimation of the home by evaluating the roof structure, seer rating on the HVAC, window construction, and insulation performance.


While our pre-inspections are very educational and informative, we always recommend a comprehensive inspection to be performed by a licensed inspector.

Our pre-inspections simply weed out most of the homes that have potentially expensive problems.



Our policy is to inform and represent our client's best interests, not sell homes. Our clients are completely amazed to find our representation to be more service oriented and that we actually point out problems with homes.

We do not sell homes. Our service to the industry is to protect the homebuyer's best interests while negotiating the best deal on a home for them. We use our negotiation skills to get the best price and terms for our clients.

 We use our residential construction experience to pre-inspect every home we see and immediately point out problems or major expenses to our clients. We have told many clients to walk away from the home due to major flaws. Our one and only focus is buyer representation. If it is in our client's best interest not to buy a home, we will tell them to WALK AWAY !

We provide a complete subdivision analysis and determine what the house is really worth, not what the seller's agent would like to sell it for.  Many times we have made low offers (and upset the sellers) due to our thorough market analysis. The analysis revealed that the home was over priced to begin with. The market value of a home is determined by recent comparable sales in the immediate subdivision, not the listing price. It is the listing agents job to get the seller the highest price. It is OUR job to get the buyer the lowest price along with the most favorable terms. Before making any offers, our clients will have all of the information they need to make an educated decision. We have proven to save our clients thousands of dollars when they purchased a home with us.

Houston buyers agent James Potenza May the lord be with you !       houston buyers agents real estate homes for sale  HOUSTON BUYER'S AGENTS FIND YOUR EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENT HOUSTON HOMES FOR SALE

About the President and Owner, James Potenza ABR,EBA          

Work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…It is the Lord Christ you are serving.  Colossians 3:22-24 

Unlike most Real Estate Agents, James does not list properties for sale. TEXAS BUYER REALTY LLC does not list any homes for sale. That allows James and his team much more time and devotion to his home buying clients. TEXAS BUYER REALTY LLC is a member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, which enables them the resources to assist home buying clients more effectively.

James walks into a home with his "inspector hat" on wielding a flashlight while he climbs in the attics. Over the years, James has spent a lot of time with home inspectors and has undergone numerous inspection and residential construction courses. He has learned how to "pre-inspect" homes by pointing out potential problems to his clients. He feels there is no reason to spend time on a house that has too many costly defects. Some of his clients are pleasantly surprised and sometimes shocked to have a Realtor immediately point out problems to be concerned with. 

"James also showed us things to look for in purchasing a house: A/C, heating units, foundation, roofing, windows, etc.  I felt I was getting a pre-home inspection"

James is the Broker, Owner, and President of TEXAS BUYER REALTY LLC located in Friendswood Texas, Just south of Houston. James is also the relocation director and has undergone specific relocation training. Through his training and experience, he understands the time sensitive needs required by corporations, third party relocation companies, and especially the relocating client. James also understands the need to help relocating clients "buy right" so that the new home will remain marketable and to have several backup plans in place so that there is no interruption in the relocation process.  

"Communication is the key to a successful relocation. I keep the entire "team" up to speed on the progress of locating and purchasing a home and carefully listen to the needs of my clients and their corporation."

James has acquired an Electronic Engineering Technology degree and implements his analytical and methodical skills to enhance the home buying process for his clients. James provides the necessary data and property analysis to his clients so they can make an educated decision. “Without question, my clients know exactly what they are buying.” James also brings over 20 years in customer service and management skills to the negotiation table for his clients. James has attended many negotiation courses and combines his knowledge and experience to get the best deal for his clients. He started his Real Estate Career in 1997, as an investor, which taught him the creative financing, buying, and selling aspects of Real Estate. Now, James integrates all of his experience and skills into a complete and highly specialized Real Estate Agent for his home buying clients. He considers himself an expert negotiator for his client's behalf and always has his client's best interest at heart. James takes great pride in finding potential flaws in construction or lack of maintenance in all of the homes he sees.  

"Anyone looking to buy a home will benefit from having someone with the experience and skills that James has on their side."

"I am hoping someone I know will say that they are looking to buy a house so I can start referring people to you. You are a good person, and I want people to know that and I want you to benefit from doing right by people." 

James has lived in the Houston area all of his life and has lived in the Pearland Friendswood area since 1990. James is a proud father of a beautiful girl that attends JR high School in Pearland ISD. His wife, whom he has been married to for 17 years, is also in the Real Estate industry and is his supportive coach and a wonderful mother. The Potenzas are also active members of New Life Lutheran Church in Pearland.

  "My clients expect the best and that is what I give them, 100% loyalty and commitment” 

 James has undergone numerous training courses specifically designed to provide better representation as an Exclusive Buyer's Agent and continues to increase his knowledge in the Real Estate industry.

friendswood real estate 

friendswood real estate 

friendswood real estate


Everyone's situation is different. We will listen to your needs and we can decide the best home buying strategy for you. If it is in your best interest not to buy a home, we will be the first to point this out. It is our policy NOT to hassle or keep calling people in hopes they will buy a home. We will keep in touch periodically to see if there are any questions your may have. We believe in providing superior service as we guide our clients throughout the entire home buying process. Our philosophy is very honest and to the point....provide superior service in hopes that you will tell your friends and relatives about our services as our business depends on the many referrals we receive.  

Give us a call to discuss your home buying plans. You will be pleasantly surprised that we only give out valuable information for your specific needs and help determine your best home buying strategy. 


We will NEVER try and "sell" you a home !

 - James 

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Accredited Buyer's Representative ABR® designation

Member - Houston Relocation Professionals

Member - Pearland Chamber of Commerce

Member - Friendswood Chamber of Commerce

Member - Real Estate Buyers Agent Counsel REBAC

Member - Houston Association of REALTORS® HAR

Member - Texas Association of REALTORS® TAR

Member - National Association of REALTORS®  NAR

Member - National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents NAEBA

Board Member - Westwood Village Home Owner's Association

Successful Relocation Course participant (ARELLO certified)

Broker/Owner/President - TEXAS BUYER REALTY LLC

Electronic Engineering Technology Degree


Read the code of ethics and standards of practice of the National Association of Realtors and learn what you are entitled to as a homebuyer. With an Exclusive Buyer's Agent on your side, all of the fiduciary duties will remain and you will be represented as a client and not a customer.

NAR's code of ethics and standards of practice. Every agent owes certain fiduciary duties to the principal. Traditionally, these duties include:

· Loyalty: To act at all times in the best interest of the principal and to put those interests above all others, including yourself.

· Obedience: To obey promptly all lawful instructions of the principal.

· Disclosure: To disclose all known, relevant facts to the principal.

· Confidentiality: To safeguard the principal’s secrets, unless keeping the confidence would violate disclosure requirements about the property’s condition.

· Reasonable care and diligence: To diligently use real estate skills and knowledge when pursing the principal’s affairs.

· Accounting: To account for all funds and property entrusted by the principal.



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